Tustin Unified School District
Citizen's Oversight Committee (COC)

Initial Orientation/Organizational Meeting

March 5, 2003 - 6 p.m.


  Responsible Person

1. Call to Order PG
2. Pledge of Allegiance  
3. Roll Call (Recording Secretary)
4. Public Comments - Non-Agenda Items  
5. Initial Introductions PG
6. Update on the Tustin Unified School District PG
7. Presentation/Discussion of COC/Policy/Purposes  RA
8. Basic COC Policy Decisions:  Part I

(a) Determination of Officer Titles and Terms and Election of Officers
     (i)    Chair/President
     (ii)   Vice Chair/Vice President
     (iii)   Clerk/Secretary

9. Presentation on the Ralph M. Brown Act (Open Meeting Law)

     (i)    Establishment of Brown Act Public Comment Period

10. Establish Quorum Requirements RA
11. Introduction of Staff and District Consultants PG
12. Introduction of the SFID PG
13. Discussion regarding Authorization, Structure, and Issuance of the Bonds PG/RA/RC
14. Presentation of Future Facilities Planning PG/BW
15. Establish Schedule for Future COC Meetings PG
16. Discussion Relative to Conflict of Interest Filings RA
17. Comments from COC Members COC
18. Adjourn COC